Travertine tile StowNatural stone tile is a popular choice in Stow homes because it is timeless, durable, and great for boosting resale value. There are many types of natural stone tile on the market, but the experts here at Floor Coverings International Cleveland South love travertine in particular for its versatility and natural beauty. Read below to learn more about this tile and find out if it is right for your Stow home.

What is Travertine Tile?

Travertine is a natural limestone that forms in hot springs, caves, and other areas affected by heat and pressure. Once quarried, travertine is cut into slabs and shipped off for further processing. This stone is commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens, either for flooring or as a backsplash.


Like many natural stones, travertine tile can be finished in a number of different ways, giving homeowners a variety of looks to choose from. These include tumbled, polished, chiseled, honed and brushed. Travertine has a natural veined and porous appearance and comes in earth tones ranging from ivory to chocolate.

Scratch and Dent Resistance

Travertine is a highly durable stone that can take a beating. Proof of travertine’s longevity can be found at the Coliseum or Rome, which is made from this natural stone and is still standing today. Travertine tile is a porous material that can show wear and tear over time, especially if the surface is polished. However, it will be incredibly difficult to dent, chip, or crack these tiles.

Liquid and Water Resistance

It is highly recommended that you seal travertine tile before installation, as water or acid damage can occur. Because it is porous, travertine can soak up water and trap debris, leading to discoloration. A sealant will prevent the absorption of spills and make your tiles suitable for bathroom or outdoor use.

However, travertine reacts negatively to acidic substances like vinegar and citrus, which can permanently stain your tile. Be sure to keep these substances away from travertine.


With the proper care, travertine tile can last a lifetime. Regularly sweep travertine tile floors to remove debris that could cause scratching. You’ll need to reseal the tiles every three to five years depending on usage and traffic. Do not clean your travertine with acid-based substances, but instead use natural-stone cleaner and be sure to wipe up spills as soon as possible.

Get Started Today

Travertine is a long lasting stone that can make for a beautiful and valuable addition to any Stow home. Contact Floor Coverings International Cleveland South today to schedule a free, in-home design consultation and we’ll help you choose the right style of travertine for your home. We proudly serve the greater Stow, Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson and Akron areas.

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