If you have ever looked for a new hardwood floor, you probably know that it is hard to beat the price and quality of domestically-sourced materials. Flooring that is made in the USA has to travel a shorter distance to get to your Akron home. In many cases, this translates to a better deal on the materials, since there are fewer shipping costs to pass on to the consumer. Many domestic hardwoods are sturdy and reliable, but here at Floor Coverings International Cleveland South, we are particularly big fans of ash, a luscious, hardworking material perfect for busy Akron homes.

ash hardwood flooring AkronAppearance

When treated with a clear finish, ash hardwood is pale with a subtle open grain. Luckily for the Akron homeowner with a clear design vision, ash is well-suited to customization since it readily accepts stains. When treated with a tinted stain, ash reveals its gorgeous grain pattern. The perfect hardwood stain can match your floors to the existing décor or set a new theme for your space, so don’t be afraid to get some design help from an expert!

Uses of Ash Hardwood in Akron Homes

In addition to being exceptionally beautiful, ash is a resilient and hardy flooring material. Ash has a Janka hardness score of 1,320 (right between white oak and red oak), so Akron homeowners can feel confident installing it in high-traffic spaces like dining rooms, living rooms, and busy hallways. Like all hardwoods, ash should not be installed in bathrooms, utility spaces, basements, or any other moisture-prone area. Here at Floor Coverings International Cleveland South we recommend harnessing ash’s natural pale color to bring a tasteful, modern sense of calm to spaces like bedrooms and entryways.

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