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No other flooring can match the comfort and softness provided by carpet. This is one of the reasons why carpet makes for such an ideal staircase covering! Below, the experts at Floor Coverings International Cleveland South explore the benefits and considerations of stair carpeting. Read on to find out if this material is right for your Akron home.

Comfort of Carpet

Unlike hardwood, carpet provides cushion and softness underfoot. This is especially important in heavily trafficked areas of the home like the staircase. Not only will carpet soften your footfall while running up and down the stairs, but it will also muffle your footsteps. This is a wonderful feature for busy homes with many family members or rambunctious kids. Avoid loud, echoing footsteps by installing carpet on your stairs.

Traction and Safety

One of the main perks of a carpeted staircase is the traction that it will provide. Carpet provides a textured surface that will prevent slips and spills. An accidental fall onto a carpeted staircase will also hurt much less than one onto a hardwood-covered staircase. This will be important to consider especially for homeowners with young children or elderly members.

Durability and Longevity

Certain types of carpet will be better suited for the staircase due to their durability. High-pile, cut-looped carpets like frieze or shag are more prone to crushing, unraveling, and trapping grime. While these cozy carpets are great for low traffic rooms, they are not ideal for the staircase, as they will wear down more quickly than low-pile or looped carpets like Berber. Berber carpeting comes in a looped-fiber design that will not flatten or unravel over time. This type of carpet is also easier to clean, making it a wonderful choice for the staircase.

stair carpeting akron

Staircase Carpeting Considerations

While carpet is the safer, more comfortable choice for staircase coverings, it may not be the most resale-friendly. Carpet can be unattractive to potential homebuyers, as it can trap grime and smells from the previous homeowner. If this is a concern to you in the long run, you could consider installing a hardwood staircase with a carpet runner. This way, the carpet can be easily replaced by a new homeowner if desired. This will also show off the beautiful hardwood underneath without compromising your comfort or safety.

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With its countless benefits, it’s no wonder that carpet is a preferred choice for staircase coverings amongst many Akron homeowners! Contact Floor Coverings International Cleveland South today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and we’ll help you find the perfect carpet for your home. We proudly serve the greater Stow, Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson and Akron areas.

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