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If you’re looking for soft, luxurious flooring for your Akron home, then look no further than shag carpet. This 70’s staple has made a comeback and is now available in a variety of styles and colors. Floor Coverings International Cleveland South is here to help you learn more about shag carpet and satisfy all your flooring needs!

What Makes Shag Carpet Shaggy?

Shag carpet is comprised of an exceptionally long pile, which simply means that the threads that make up the flooring are longer than many other forms of carpet. This deep pile is what gives shag carpet its distinctive look. In addition to its unique construction, shag carpet also provides a whole host of style and color options because it can be made from a plethora of materials.

Benefits of Shag Carpet

There are a number of benefits to shag carpeting, one of the most obvious being its soft and fluffy texture. Shag carpets provide warmth and comfort underfoot, making them a great choice for bedrooms. They are also a bold fashion statement, harkening back to the ’70s and bringing a touch of retro into your home. You can turn shag carpet into even more of a statement by selecting one in a bold color that contrasts nicely with your existing décor. Another great way to create visual interest is by placing shag carpet in a room that opens onto a space with another type of flooring, like hardwood.


Since feet and vacuum lines can leave impressions in the pile of shag carpet, it’s best to use these carpets in rooms that see less foot traffic. It is also a good idea to avoid eating or drinking around shag carpets since spills and stains can be difficult to clean.

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