saxony carpet Cuyahoga FallsWhen it comes time to choose a new carpet, one that we love here at Floor Coverings International Cleveland South is Saxony. This velvet-like carpet will add comfort and luxury to any Cuyahoga Falls home. Read on to learn if Saxony carpet is the right choice for you!


Saxony carpet is a densely-woven, traditional cut pile carpet that comes in two main styles: straight or textured. A straight Saxony carpet has straight fibers that are cut into an even length, all going in the same direction. It is sometimes known as “velvet” Saxony because of its smooth appearance and uniform color. Like velvet, straight Saxony changes appearance when disturbed, and will show every vacuum stroke and footprint.

If this is a deterrent for you, textured Saxony may be better suited for your Cuyahoga Falls home. Textured, or “trackless,” Saxony has fibers twisted in different directions, and won’t show carpet disturbances.


In general, Saxony carpets are considered to be quite durable. However, the durability of your carpet is influenced by the decisions you make during the selection process. Saxony is available in every grade, and a wide range of fibers including nylon, smart strand, and wool. If you’re looking for a new carpet for a busy area of your Cuyahoga Falls home, choose a Saxony carpet with a high twist and density. On the other hand, velvet Saxony is excellent for formal dining rooms and bedrooms.


Due to the density of the fibers, Saxony is also more spill resistant than other carpet options. Standard carpet care advice applies to Saxony, and regular vacuuming is recommended. For the same reason that straight Saxony shows footprints and tracks, it is also prone to dents. Mitigate this by shifting your furniture a few inches every couple of months. This gives the carpet the ability to breathe and recover from the weight.

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