nylon carpet living room StowWith the rising demand for wool carpeting, sisal, and other natural materials, some Stow homeowners might think that these are the only types of carpet worth considering. However, the truth is that synthetic fibers still have a lot to offer in terms of practicality and looks. In fact, more than 90% of the fibers used in the carpet industry are still synthetic!

The team at Floor Coverings International Cleveland South is here today to spotlight one of the most reliable carpet fibers in the world: nylon. Read on to see if this fantastic synthetic material might be right for the floors in your home.

nylon carpet close up StowWhat Is Nylon Carpeting?

Nylon is a synthetic material that made its debut at the 1939 World Fair in New York. At first, Nylon was touted as being “as strong as steel” and “as fine as the spider’s web” – and while those claims might be exaggerations, it’s true that nylon is still prized for its resiliency and ability to withstand heavy use.

While nylon can be found in everything from toothbrushes to car tires, the reason it has remained popular as a carpeting material is because it can be produced in extremely fine filaments, resulting in a surface that is remarkably soft and tough.

Why Use Nylon?

Even though it might be slightly more expensive than other synthetic fibers, nylon remains the most popular because of its incredible versatility and durability. Here are a few of the benefits of using nylon:

nylon carpeting Stow

  • Resilient fibers bounce back and keep their fluff
  • Great for high traffic areas like hallways and stairs
  • Available in a variety of colors, twists, and textures
  • Some resistance to water and staining
  • Can be treated for extra stain protection
  • Extremely fine strands offer superb softness

Get Started Today

If you’re starting to feel like nylon might be the right material for you, congratulations! Choosing a fiber is a great first step in getting started with new carpet for the floors in your Stow home. But don’t forget that there are plenty of other things to take into account – pile type, density, twist, color and pattern – and the team at Floor Coverings International Cleveland South has the experience to help you narrow down each set of decisions to a final choice that works for your needs and budget. We serve the greater Stow, Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson and Akron area, so get started by scheduling a free consultation with our mobile showroom!

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