Akron carpet tileCarpet tile is a modern solution to the classic problem of spills, stains, and other carpet mishaps. Carpet tiles are manufactured in the form of square segments that lock down together to form a practically seamless flow of fiber over your floor. It is particularly popular for commercial use due to the short, tight-loop pile structure that makes it so resilient.

So, why choose carpet tile over traditional wall-to-wall carpeting? Have a look at Floor Coverings International Cleveland South’s overview of carpet tile to determine whether it meets your Akron home’s needs.

Tile Tactics

Glue or staples can be used to set carpet tiles into the floor. This is enough to keep them firmly rooted and stable for walking. Of course, the primary maintenance benefit of carpet tile over wall-to-wall carpet is that these tiles can actually be removed in order to replace a section of carpet that has been stained or otherwise damaged! With minimal fuss, a tile can be uprooted and an identical, undamaged tile substituted for it. Just remove the affected tile and you have instant stain removal!

Akron carpet tile

Customizable Carpeting

There is an artistic license afforded by carpet tile that puts it ahead of the competition. While you can certainly have uniformly colored carpet tile installed throughout a room, it is also perfectly acceptable to institute some diversity!

Laying down an eclectically colored range of carpet tiles can bring a playful sense of whimsy to a room. Or you can try a mostly uniform set of tiles with the occasional pop-out tile color to snag the eye. The floor of a room can say a lot about its owner, and with carpet tile, you are the artist!

Ready to Unleash Your Inner Akron Home Decor Artist?

If you would like to know more about carpet tile or any other flooring facts, from hardwood to mosaic glass tile, call Floor Coverings International Cleveland South at the number below or schedule your free in-home design consultation today! Let us help you to become the interior design artist of your Akron home. We proudly serve Stow, Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson and Akron.

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