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Do you have a room with uninspired flooring that is getting you down? Is your entryway noticeably scuffed and dirty, even though the rest of the floor is just fine? The solution to your problem could very well be an area rug! Take a boring, unoriginal room and transform it into a fun and creative living space, all with the addition of a strategically placed area rug. Problem areas on your floor can also be concealed with an area rug that not only hides the problem, but prevents further damage from occurring.

Endless Possibilities

Since area rugs come in a variety of colors, shapes, and fibers, there is no end to the number of uses you could find for them. The shape and size of your area rug depend on where you want it in your home. Some choose to cover the majority of their hardwood floors with oversized area rugs for a two-fold reason: to protect the floors from damage, and to add the timeless elegance that large rugs evoke.

Small area rugs can also be used in spaces to add a pop of color or accentuate a focal point. Circular rugs can be used to soften hard edges or to accent another piece of round furniture. Heavily textured area rugs add interesting contrast in rooms with hard lines and sleek furniture, which also helps to add some warmth to the overall vibe without sacrificing your aesthetic vision. Additionally, with more Hudson homeowners furnishing their outdoor decks and patios, outdoor area rugs are great for adding decorative flair while still withstanding the weather.

Area rugs serve an important purpose in defining a space in a room, thus their placement should be well thought out. In homes with elderly family members, it is not advisable to use thick area rugs as these can get caught in the wheels of walkers or wheelchairs, and they could present a dangerous tripping hazard. For area rugs on hard floors, it is common to use rug tape to make sure the rug stays down on all sides and doesn’t slip underfoot.

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The professionals at Floor Coverings International Cleveland South can help you find the perfect area rug for your needs. We have a huge selection of carpet types, colors, and textures, which allows you to find the rug you want at your desired price point. Contact us today to schedule your free in-home consultation. We proudly serve the greater Stow, Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson and Akron areas.

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