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For many homeowners, the holidays are a time for hosting. However, with the influx of guests comes the potential for damage to be done to your flooring. Below, the experts at Floor Coverings International Cleveland South have compiled a list of ways to protect each type of flooring in your home, from preliminary precautions to easy cleaning solutions. With these tips, your Hudson home will be safe from muddy shoes and spilled eggnog this holiday season!

Start With Entryway Flooring

The entryway is the first thing that will greet your guests this season. It will also be the area of your home that will get hit the hardest with muddy shoes and dripping clothes. Prevent messes from getting tracked throughout the house by bolstering your entryway with doormats.

Bristly coir doormats are great for scraping mud and slush off of shoes – this makes them a great choice for use outside. Inside, use another, more absorbent doormat to wick liquids away from boots and prevent puddles from leaking into the flooring. You may also consider using a shoe shelf in the entryway to encourage guests to remove their shoes before tracking grime into your home.

Protecting Hardwood Floors

Hardwood flooring is a pricy investment, so you’ll want to keep it safe from dropped dishes and spilled drinks during your holiday gatherings. The first step in protecting your hardwoods is to refinish them in rooms where the finish is wearing down. Not only does refinishing your hardwoods make them look glossy and new, but it also reseals them to protect against scratches and spills.

Using area rugs or runners in high trafficked areas of your home is a great way to protect your hardwoods against shoes or party fouls. However, this may not be possible in every room, so you’ll want to keep cleaning supplies on hand. Liquid spills will be the biggest threat to your floors, so make sure you keep rags and paper towels within easy reach. Use brewed black tea as an easy, natural solution to wipe up stickier messes.

Caring for Carpetscarpet hudson

Carpets are much more prone to staining than any other flooring material. As with hardwood, covering carpeted areas with stain-resistant rugs or runners is a smart way to protect them from accidents and foot traffic. However, if spills do occur, you’ll want to have a few cleaning ingredients on hand to prevent leakage or staining.

Keep absorbent rags on hand in your carpeted rooms to blot up spills. For colored liquids, fight the stain with baking powder. You can work a baking powder and water mixture into the spill and let it dry, or you can sprinkle baking powder over the stain, spray it with vinegar, and let it bubble. Either way, once the solution is dry and the guests are gone, you can vacuum up the mess.

Tile and Stone

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are pretty durable against scratches and stains. However, some stone tile like marble and travertine is susceptible to staining from certain dark or acidic liquids like coffee and wine. The best way to protect your stone floors from staining is to make sure they are properly sealed.

Most stone tile floors are sealed prior to installation, but they should be resealed every few years, depending on usage. If it’s time to touch up your floor’s sealant, be sure to take this step before your guests arrive. The sealant will prevent liquids from soaking into and staining the porous stone tiles. If spills do occur, keep flour and hydrogen peroxide on hand to create a paste that will absorb the stain.

Get Started in Hudson Today

Protecting your floors during this busy time is easy when you know these simple solutions! Contact Floor Coverings International Cleveland South today to schedule your free, in-home design consultation and we’ll help you get your floors ready for the holidays. We proudly serve the greater Stow, Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson and Akron areas.

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