Homeowners in the greater Akron area love hardwood because it is durable and classic. With so many hardwood species, styles, and looks out there, it can be a bit overwhelming deciding on the best option. The experts at Floor Coverings International Cleveland South outline everything you need to know about 3 popular hardwood species: oak, walnut, and maple.Akron Hardwood


Oak is one of the most common hardwood species found in Akron homes. It is native to North America, making it a more environmentally friendly option as well as affordable. There are two types of oak to pick from: red and white. Red oak is the lighter of the two, with red undertones that range from amber to white. White oak is slightly darker and ranges from beige to dark brown. It has a pretty classic look to it, with fewer swirls and a straighter grain than most hardwoods. Red oak ranks at 1290 on the Janka hardness scale and white oak ranks a little higher at 1360.

Akron HardwoodWalnut

Walnut brings a warm, elegant look to a room. It has brown coloring with auburn undertones and a varying grain pattern. It takes stain, polish, and sealant very well, allowing you to customize the look. Walnut is perfect for homeowners who want a hardwood with color variation. American walnut is the softest of the three, ranking at 1010 on the Janka hardness scale. While still durable, it is a softer wood and will not hold up as well to wear and tear as Maple or Oak will.


Maple is a slightly harder species than oak, ranking at 1450 on the Janka hardness scale. It has smooth graining and is a lighter, creamy white color with a red tint that yellows over time. Maple is a great option for small rooms or homeowners who want a lighter wood. Akron HardwoodIt is a “closed pore wood,” which makes it more water resistant than most hardwood species. This also means that it doesn’t take stain as well, so the coloring cannot be customized as much as with the other two species.

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Photo Credit: Artazum & Elena Elisseeva