Floor Coverings International Cleveland South is pleased to bring you the latest installment in our Designer Influencer Interview Series.  Stefan Hurray is a residential architect and blogger of website ArchitectDesign. You can follow Stefan on Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

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Stefan Hurray

What’s one of your favorite design pieces you have in your own home?

Where to start, I’m a collector so there are so many!  In our dining room we have an understated brass chandelier that is originally from the Hotel Crillon bar in Paris.  Every time I look at it, it just makes me happy!

Stefan Hurray

What is your favorite design trend of 2017?

I’m loving that people have returned to installing antiqued mirror to entire walls! They add such interesting sparkle and depth to a room without having to stare at yourself too in-depth.  I recently installed a wall of antiqued mirror into a niche in our dining room and it’s made a huge difference to the space.

Stefan Hurray

Do you follow any other blogs for inspiration?  If so, which ones?

Blogs are a major source of inspiration for me obviously, as I still find inspiration in writing my own blog, ArchitectDesign!  Some of my favorites who are still blogging are HabituallyChic, Cote de Texas, and the blog Ben Pentreath keeps on his website is a new favorite!  Also I check into Apartment Therapy occasionally for the house tours to see what creative people are doing in their own homes.

Can you explain a recent project you’ve been working on?

We recently completed work restoring and putting an addition onto an old Sears kit house just outside of Washington DC that has been a lot of fun. The house had become completely worn out and it was a joy to restore it to its original beauty as well as update it for modern family use.  On the opposite end of the spectrum I recently finished up a much smaller project that will make just as much a difference in our client’s life.   We did small things to several areas of her city townhouse, including building a beautiful servery and cabinets to a corner of her dining room to house a large collection of china, linens, and silver.  My favorite part is the rods inside the tall left hand cabinet, which allow tablecloths to be hung instead of folded so there are no creases!

Stefan Hurray