Backsplashes are a critical but often overlooked part of kitchens in Akron. In addition to protecting your walls from unsightly stains and messes, backsplashes add a unique elegance to your kitchen. We love helping clients with their backsplashes here at Floor Coverings International Cleveland South and we have the best materials for yours. See our favorites here!

Granitegranite tile backsplash Akron

Granite is a luxurious looking choice for your backsplash. Despite its reputation for being expensive in solid form, granite tiles and chips are a cheaper and equally elegant choice. The tiles come in polished and unpolished varieties, so you can have smooth or more rustic designs for your granite backsplash.

Ceramic & Porcelain

Ceramic Tile backsplash Akron

Ceramic and porcelain tiles are a timeless kitchen backsplash material for homeowners in Akron. Modern varieties come in a wide range of colors and shapes beyond the traditional square shape. Some homeowners opt for a mosaic design created from varying colors and sizes of tile. An increasingly popular ceramic trend is subway tile. These tiles are larger rectangular tiles that resemble glazed bricks. While ceramic and porcelain tiles have amazing water and stain resistance, the grout lines can easily discolor. Make sure to regularly maintain these grout lines to keep your backsplash beautiful.

Glassglass tile backsplash Akron

Glass is a fantastic and unique alternative to ceramic and stone. Glass tiles come in an endless array of colors, with varying degrees of translucency and clarity. You can opt for clear tiles or frosted glass. Popular colors include blue, yellow, green, and more neutral tones like light brown and grey. Glass is easy to maintain with a mild cleanser and water and is highly resistant to mold and mildew—a perfect quality for the kitchen.

Travertinetravertine tile Backsplash Akron

A natural limestone formed from ancient mineral deposits in natural hot springs, travertine is a favorite for kitchen backsplashes. Travertine resembles creamy ivory intermixed with streaks of bronze and gold. It is a fantastic choice for homeowners looking for a neutral colored backsplash. Though quite durable and highly resistant to heat, it does not respond well when exposed acids. Make sure to avoid harsh cleansers and only use water to maintain your travertine backsplash.

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