Carpet flooring in StowAre you familiar with terms like pile height, loop pile, or cut pile? If you went carpet shopping, would you know which style of carpet to choose for your needs? For beginning carpet shoppers, understanding pile is essential to making an informed purchase. Fortunately, our Floor Coverings International Cleveland South experts are happy to help! If you’re in the process of choosing new carpet for your Stow home, here is our beginner’s guide to carpet pile.

What is Carpet Pile?

Pile is the layer of fiber on a carpet – the material that covers the surface of the carpet and is attached to the backing. The carpet pile can vary in height, thickness, texture, and appearance, and may be made of natural or synthetic fiber.

Pile Height

The pile height is the distance from the end of the fiber to where it meets the backing. Carpet piles can range from ¼ inch to over ¾ inch in height, depending on the style and weave. One example of a low pile carpet is Berber, which is firm and densely woven. An example of high pile carpet is shag, which is long and plush. Each type has its advantages, but generally, low pile carpets are easier to clean while high pile carpets are softer and more comfortable.

Loop vs. Cut Pile

Another factor to consider is the type of pile: cut or looped. Typically, a carpet is woven so that the fiber runs in and out of the backing, creating loops. If the carpet is left this way, then it is considered a loop pile carpet. If the loops are clipped, it is called a cut pile carpet. Loop carpets (like Berber) are trackless, meaning that they do not show footprints or vacuum tracks. However, a loop pile may also be prone to rips and snags.

If you have questions about types of carpet, carpet pile terminology, or something else, please give us a call! Floor Coverings International Cleveland South provides free in-home estimates and consultations for homeowners in the Stow area.

Photo Credit: Olga Popova