While many homeowners may wish to live more sustainably by choosing cork or bamboo flooring, installing carpet is the ideal way to keep your home cozy during a cold Ohio winter. Fortunately, the wide array of eco-friendly carpet options available means that Hudson homeowners looking for green options can still use carpet to create a comfortable home environment. Here at Floor Coverings International® of Cleveland South, we know that choosing the right flooring can be a tough choice, and we’re here to walk you through your environmentally conscious carpet options!

What exactly makes a carpet eco-friendly? Unlike some other green flooring choices, carpet can be sustainable in many different ways. Some factors that go into a carpet’s eco-friendliness include:

  • VOC Levels
  • Recyclability
  • Material


VOC stands for volatile organic compound. These compounds, associated with that classic “new-carpet smell” can result from the carpet production process. They can wreak havoc on your indoor air quality, as those who inhale them may experience nausea or have difficulty breathing. To ensure that you’re protecting yourself, your loved ones, and the planet from these toxic fumes, install low-VOC carpet.


While almost all carpet fiber types can be recycled, a few break down more easily than others. Most notably, nylon carpet is particularly easy to recycle. In addition to choosing recyclable materials, Hudson homeowners can get in on the front lines of sustainable carpeting by choosing a carpet made from recycled materials.jute rug Hudson


Some carpets and rugs are made from all-natural materials such as sisal and jute. These carpet styles aren’t always the coziest options, but they are a great choice for homeowners who love the look of natural materials and the benefits associated with green flooring.

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