If you are a Hudson homeowner in need of wood flooring that will stand up to high levels of foot traffic and the occasional knocked over drink, then wood-look laminate could be the flooring for you. Here at Floor Coverings International® of Cleveland South we believe it is important to understand your flooring material so that you can better decide if it will meet the needs of your space.

What is Wood-Look Laminate Flooring? Floor Coverings International Cleveland South

How is Wood-Look Laminate Made?

Wood-look laminate is a compressed, layered wood material that is typically made up of fiberboard and a binding agent. Laminate is then covered by a photographic layer and sealed. The photographic layer is what allows laminate to mimic so many materials, whether that be natural stone, cork, or wood.

Where to Use Wood-Look Laminate

Due to the fact that laminate is still a wood-based material and liable to warp when exposed to moisture, its use in bathrooms and kitchens can depend on the reliability of your appliances and fixtures. If you’re not worried about your dishwasher flooding the kitchen or your bathtub overflowing, then wood-look laminate can be a great way to bring wood into those rooms. If placing laminate in these spaces, be sure to have the experts at Floor Coverings International® of Cleveland South properly seal your floor.

Wood-look laminate is the ideal type of flooring for homeowners who want wood floors throughout their entire house. Not only is laminate typically less expensive than real hardwoods, but the installation time is quite short. The ease with which experts can place wood-look laminate flooring in your home will greatly reduce the length of your installation timeline.

What is Wood-Look Laminate? Floor Coverings International Cleveland SouthBecause laminate is fairly durable, this flooring will hold up well in high-trafficked areas of the home. If you have pets or kids, wood-look laminate’s scratch-resistant surface will ensure your flooring survives the onslaught of animal claws and the banging of plastic toys. This material is also fade-resistant and will hold up well in rooms where sunlight can come beaming through large windows.

Wood-Look Options

As previously stated, the number of available patterns and materials wood-look laminate can imitate is astounding. With technological advances, various textured finishes can also be applied to make the laminate feel as good as it looks.

With wood-look laminate, you can select the perfect color and grain-style without having to worry about the expense or availability of a particular wood species. With the simple application of a photographic image, your wood-look laminate flooring can appear to be birch, Brazilian cherry, red oak, or any other wood species you desire.

Learn More in Hudson

If you think wood-look laminate will work well in your home, then give Floor Coverings International® of Cleveland South a call. We provide free, in-home design consultations to residents in the Stow, Cuyahoga Falls, Hudson and Akron area. We would love to talk to you about your unique vision for your home!

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