stow carpet flooringStow homeowners love the soft, warm feeling of carpeting—especially this time of year. Carpeting is a smart investment because with proper maintenance, it can last decades. At Floor Coverings International® of Cleveland South, our clients frequently ask us about how to best take care of their new custom carpets. Here are some of our favorite tips for extending the life of your carpeting:

Take Those Shoes Off

Shoes are designed to protect our feet from the outdoors. Inside, shoes serve only to separate our feet from the joyous comfort of carpeting. When we leave our shoes at the door, the carpet is spared from outside dirt and grit, which can stain and tear its delicate fibers.

Use Doormats and Throw Rugs

Strategically place mats and rugs in spaces with higher-than-average foot traffic. Every entryway should be equipped with a long mat to give guests ample opportunity to shuck dirt from the bottoms of their shoes. These high-traffic areas—like kitchens, hallways, and family rooms—serve as great opportunities for a rug that adds style and intrigue to your décor.

Vacuum Every Week

Frankly, many Ohioans do not vacuum their carpets at the recommended frequency, weekly. Vacuuming is essential to prolonging the life of your carpet because it removes outside contaminants that cause stains and damage over time. Large families and pet owners should vacuum even more frequently.

Have Your Carpet Deep Cleaned

Professional steam cleaning services are well worth the up front cost because it adds longevity to your carpeting. For most homes, wall-to-wall carpeting should be steam cleaned annually. Home improvement stores offer DIY options such as steam cleaner rentals, but professionals just do a better job. Save yourself the hassle and go with the experts.

Speaking of Experts

At Floor Coverings International® of Cleveland South, we help Stow families with every step of the floor buying process, from design to installation. We offer free, in-home visits—perfect for seeing carpet samples in their proper context. Call today for a consultation with one of our highly trained design associates.

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